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We need think tanks for Public Policy Making in India

Every Government department needs a think tank for policy


Once, I used to work with the Rwandan Government in Kigali (which is the capital of Rwanda). Before going to this East African country, my perception of East Africa was entirely different.

During the meeting with the Education Minister, my perception of the entire country changed.

Education Minister came from a University background and he had worked as a Professor and Dean.

He had a group of 'Thinkers' in his team and they always evaluated various project proposals. They were not only administrators but Educationists and Technologists.

When I presented the technology solution the questions asked were so realistic and accurate. I was amazed by their depth of knowledge.

India also needs a dedicated think tank for every department that can work beyond interests and beyond prejudice.

Some of the Indian Government departments hire top-notch consultancies for planning and to design change. But this is a short term engagement.

The need is to involve think tanks (domain experts+ administrators+ stakeholders) in the process of policymaking and even in project planning.

Or else, policies and projects will have loosely framed 'frameworks', and lack of clarity results in inefficiency.