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Understanding the Policy making in India.

Policy Makers in the government sector are always busy people. Many people have the notion that Policy Making is simply the job of the government. However, in the background, there will be various groups competing with each other with varied interests.

1) Under a government department you can see many entities or small departments

The new policy or a change in the policy may influence the way of functioning of certain departments. Sometimes, you can see big Corporations functioning under departments. Policymakers will be contemplating the opinion and reports of these departments.

2) Political Parties.

If the new Policymaking greatly influences the interest of the constituency, then there will be a great political influence in policymaking. Political interest plays a major role in Policymaking in India.

3) Corporate

The corporate sector always lobbies for its interest and influence the decision-makers with its data and research reports.

4) NGOs

NGOs also influence the Policymaking process in India.

5) Think Tanks

6) Media

We can say that influence of media is a lot in India and they play a massive role in the Policymaking Process.

7) Industry Lobbying bodies.

8) Academic Institutions