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Traits of a 'Government Relations Officer'

Traits of a Government Relations Officer ( Take it on a lighter note😊😜).

In my experience of working with both Central and State Governments, I have met so many ' Government Relations Officers' or ' Project Implementation People', and Government Salespersons.

I have listed down some of the common traits we see among these roles. ( You may be an exception, but the majority of us have one or the other below mentioned traits).

* You have 'Sahib' syndrome. You do not call any officer as 'Sir' but always call them with 'Sahib'🤠.

* You wait, wait and wait till all the meetings are over. You wait in Government Varandha, wait for that golden meeting of meeting the official for two minutes.🤗

* When you meet a Government Officials, you are extra cheesy and you are extra obedient🥳.

You smile for no reason from this ear to that ear😊.

* During the meeting, you drop all the big names in the department and act as if you know them really really well.

* Caseworker, PA, PS, and Peon at the door of the IAS officer are your close friends. You show so much love and affection to them🥰.

* You stand up (when an officer enters ) as an obedient student.

* You help the caseworker to prepare the file for the payment.

A...ah. Now you are a good person to handle Government Affairs.