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Three silo worlds of 'Public Policy' in India

Need of a comprehensive platform to bring these together.

I was part of these three different worlds

1) Government - Policy Maker

2) Academia - Public Policy Innovation and research

3) Corporate - Implementation agency of government programs and technology innovator. An advocator of Policy change.

Frankly speaking, these three worlds work in silos. I always felt that there is a need to bring in the perspectives and knowledge of these three worlds together and help a better Policy Making.

Our esteemed Educational institutions spend a lot of money on research activities. But the research findings are confined in research journals and Educational Institutes incentivize the researchers to publish papers.

Government is busy in administration and I am not sure whether the form and language of research innovations of academicians reach the policymakers.

Let us come to the Corporate sector.


are more interested in advocating 'their interest' ( I am not saying this is wrong).

The missing link is a collaborative effort.

Do not you think that every state has to come up with a 'Special Purpose Vehicle' or a platform to bring three worlds together?