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The journey of Skill Development Policy in India. (From 2010-2020).

During 2010, MORD and several State Vocational Training Departments used to conduct ' Skill Training'. In southern states, it was more of 'IT training, ITES training, and BFSI training.

In several states, VTP was tailoring, beautician, and sales etc.

I was a part of the Journey of National Skill Development from NSDC STAR (Standard Training Assessment & Reward) to PMKVY 3.0. ( Pradhan Mantri Kaushalya Vikas Yojana)

In between this journey, there were two more schemes named PMKVY-1 and PMKVY-2.

From the policy perspective, from the learning perspective, there is a great improvement in PMKVY 3.0 from NSDC STAR.

If we study the guidelines of PMKVY 3.0, there is a great shift from a generalized approach to a more focused approach in the Policy Framework.

The best things about PMKVY 3.0 are

1) Focus on district-level implementation.

2) Placement based approach.

3) Capacity building of the stakeholders.

4) Focus on continuous monitoring.

5) Addition of an online and offline model of training.

This is a leap from the 'Output based approach' To the 'Outcome-based approach'.