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The forgotten Public Policies of India.

You may think this is funny, but I am serious.

If you have bedbug issues, rodent problems, and termite problems whom do you call? House joy or any other service provider which ranks on google?

Have you heard of State Warehousing Corporations?


One of the services of State Warehousing Corporations is Pest Control. ( not only in its premises but on other premises as well).

The Government Order Number 533 Food and Consumer Protection Department dated 06/04/1988 entrusted additional responsibility to State Warehousing Corporations to undertake dis infestations in other premises as well. (Even at your home)

The Warehousing Policy in the majority of states in India was enacted between 1960-1965 and the objective was to support the farmers with safe warehousing.

Then they thought of commercializing the 'pest control' function.

I am not commenting on whether this is right or wrong.

What I am contemplating is that over the years, when the time changes, as per the context, the policy framework has to change.

There is a need for scientific storage systems and cold storage to support farmers.

The need is structural changes.

Do not you think that after 60 years of enactment of policy, the policy needs s a fresh look?