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Teaching Life Skills in Education System

Teaching life skills is really important as teaching lessons in the schools and colleges.

Experience and age taught me a lot of things in the hard way. I strongly feel that the schools must teach the following things.

1) Managing both mental and physical health.

In the long run, mental and physical health matters. Mobile and screens are engaging our youth and children and physical activity reduced to almost zero.

In the race of making more money, in the race of achieving success, we have forgotten to give importance to mental and physical health.

2) Managing money

Managing money is one of the important aspects of life, but we learn it when we start earning.

3) Managing Relationships

Peace of mind depends on our relationship with the outside world. Managing relationships in the professional and personal world.

4) Civic Sense and ethics

This is an important aspect our children have to learn. If we look at our places of pilgrimage, our public places, I strongly feel that we have to re-look at what we learn in childhood.