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Skill Development Policy and Indian Youth

The 'Dream of Government jobs' and Indian Youth.

I was always amazed by this phenomenon of the Great Indian Dream of getting Government Jobs'.

You have heard of the IIT dream, IIM dream, and the great Indian American dream.

But the dream of a 'Government Job' in India, surpasses all these IIT/IIM dreams in terms of numbers.

I had worked with 20000 College going youths in a 'Technology in Education' project and used to conduct interactive sessions with them.

They were very curious and interested to use the platform only if the certificate helps them to get government jobs.

99.9% of them dreamed to get a Government job.

The media exposure, societal acceptance, status in the society, and notion of job security drive them to aspire for government jobs. This is natural.

In the industry, we face the challenges of getting good candidates with the right orientation and skills. Because the dream of getting a Corporate Job is a phenomenon in Metros and the number of aspirants is less.

There is a clear lack of orientation.

The majority of the students do not focus on the skills required to get a Corporate Job since they prepare for Government exams or jobs.

Do not you think that this has to change?