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Public Policy on 'Employment in India'

Haryana passes a new bill of giving reservations to locals.

The Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Bill, 2020 provides a quota for local people in private-sector jobs that offer a salary of less than ₹50,000 a month.

The state wants to create employment for locals and wants to stop the migration of workers from other states to Haryana.

If any company wants to open a big unit with a large number of workers (say manufacturing) then you have to search for talent only from Haryana.


Karnataka coming up with a bill to mandate to give reservation to a particular cast in the appointment CEOs in private companies.

Imagine, Maharastra government mandating all corporate sectors to hire ML engineers who can read and write Marathi.

This policy is in contrast with Article 19 ( 1) (g) of the Constitution of India provides the right to practice any profession or to carry on any occupation, trade, or business to all citizens subject to Art.

In the era of nurturing entrepreneurship, in the era of ease of doing business, these types of policies act as an obstacle and every government must think about the impact of the policy.

After Haryana it is Jharkand! AIDMK has added reservations for locals in its election manifesto in Tamil Nadu.

Who is next?

Karnataka or Maharastra?

Policy changes in the reservation.

Very recently, Haryana Government passed a bill for reservation of 75% for the locals in private sector jobs. This law is applicable for jobs having a per month salary of 50 K INR.

Now, it is Jharkand's turn.

Jharkhand government on Friday approved an employment policy allowing 75% reservation in private sector jobs. The state government said that the jobs with up to a salary of Rs 30,000 per month will be reserved for local people.

In Karnataka, there is a queue for getting reservations by various groups/castes. You can read the news on protests by d leaders and by politicians for reservation.