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Public Policy advocacy is not so easy

On Oct-30th 2015 there was an article in Economic Times. The heading was as follows.

'Taxi-hailing app Uber to start a peer-to-peer ride-sharing model in Punjab'

The article talks about the Policy change needed in the 'Central Motor Vehicles Act' so as to allow any car owner to ferry the passengers through Uber App.

In fact, it makes a lot of sense.

The traffic problem reduces.

Pollution decreases.

Productivity increases because of time saved.

There are issues and challenges in the concept related to the safety of the passengers etc.

However, there are best examples like Singapore which has come up with a policy framework that allowed P2P travel sharing.

Now, we are in 2021.

Still, there is no public policy in India related to P2P travel sharing.

The policy window has not opened yet.