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New Transport Policy needed in India

Do you know the accumulated losses of Public Transport Undertakings?

You can google and find thousands of crores of losses made by RTCs.

But social service is their motto.

Is there room for increasing efficiency and reduce losses?


Many RTCs tried PPP models in transport operations and hardly we can see good sustainable models.

On the other hand, we do not have any efficient private player in the sector.

Recently, companies like Flexibus and Uber are entering the bus transport sector.

The question is whether the Public Transport sector is ready for disruption?

The answer is not yet.


Because the laws and policies are so stringent that these companies have to struggle hard to make a dent.

There are startup companies like Chalo and many more are entering the arena.

The ecosystem is not ready yet.

Public Policy changes are much needed in

1) Simplifying and opening up the licensing and taking out the red from 'RED TAPE'.

2) Allowing tech companies to solve the major issues in the transport sector.

3) PPP scenario wherein an integrated transport solution of public and private players.

4) Many more.

The present Policy Framework is allowing inefficiency and waste of resources in the Public Transport sector.