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New Transport Policy needed in India

What we can learn from the MaaS model of Transportation from Helsinki Finland?

Let us understand the MaaS - 'Mobility as a Service' transport model.

'Mobility as a Service' is through one mobile app.

All the government and private operators operate through one mobile application and users can use the app to build a multimodal route, with the app suggesting, for example, that the user take a bus, then an auto, and finally a taxi.

The user can pay for the service even with a monthly subscription.

Imagine the quality of service and availability of the transport options for the customers.

In India, the operators are working in silos and competing with each other.

MaaS model of Transportation can be a great win-win situation for both the customers as well as for service operators. It can save a great amount of time and money for the customers and can provide an assured income for the operators.

This model can be a great input for Policy Makers.