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New Public Policy on 'Agriculture Startups' in Karnataka

Public Policy on 'Agri Startups' in Karnataka.

Being a start-up capital of India, Bangalore is adding another feather to its cap. The Agriculture Minister of the Government of Karnataka (GOK) announced that Karnataka is going to announce a separate Policy for encouraging Agri startups.

He added that think tanks have submitted the Policy Documents and Government will enact the policy very soon.

In the context, huge investments in Tech-based Agri startups, this is one of the admirable moves by GOK.

I am sure that the ecosystem of Bangalore will fuel the growth of more agriculture startups by combining technologies and agriculture.

There are 450 Agri startups in India and many few of them have become Global Companies. Many of the traditional players in the Agri input space are going digital.

I hope the Policy will address the following challenges which Agri Startup ecosystem faces.

1) Agri-Tech startups have two worlds. One Tech and another Agri. Getting people with both skills is a major challenge for startups.

2) Our Agri Universities have to gear up for Tech adoption.

3) Gaining the trust of the Farmers at the grassroots level is a big challenge.

4) Apart from IT and Software, encouraging other startup possibilities in BioTech, Post Harvest, etc.