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New Public Policy by Indian Government to regulate OTT platforms

New rules for Social Media and OTT platforms - What is going to change?

To avoid the misinformation and to stop the fake news on social media messaging apps and control the airing of obscene content on the OTT platform Government came up with new policy guidelines. The IT rules 2021 ( Guidelines for the intermediataries and Digital Media Ethics Code) will apply to all the

1) Messaging Apps

2) Social Sites

3) Over the Top (OTT) Platforms

4) Digital News Publishing agencies.

Broad guidelines revolve

1) Grievance Redressal

2) Adherence to the media code

3) Compliance with the law

Now, social media sites and OTT platforms, etc have to appoint the 'Compliance Officers' and 'Grievance Officer' to handle these issues.

How it is going to be different?

As per IT Act 2011, intermediaries were not liable for user-generated content.

Now, the rules of the game are changed.

Intermediaries are not only liable for the content but they need to provide the traceability of Information.