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New Geo Spatial Policy in India

Policy change in Geo-Spatial Policy in India.

On Monday, India liberalized rules on data and maps by bringing the changes in Geo-Spatial Policy. This is a big leap from the existing system of restriction on mapping the geospatial data.

Availability of geospatial data is a big challenge in the Indian scenario and as of now, the user has to rely on Government systems or rely on foreign companies to collect the data.

The 'permission raj' took a lot of time to collect the data from the Government systems.

To process the data, one has to rely on foreign software companies, and the ecosystem never induced Indian companies to build new technology tools.

How the new policy will change the sectors?

Since the data of the Government system will be public, the data ecosystem of rivers, farms, and infrastructures will be available so that private players can build the solutions on it.

The policy change will benefit, smart cities, e-commerce, Logistics, and the Transportation industry.