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Must read Public Policy books in India

Explore the latest books on public policy, management, economics and more from leading Indian publishers.


This is a book blog for Public Policy, Governance, Development, Human Rights, Women's Empowerment and Gender Studies. Here you will find the list of India's best public policy books and must-read books in public policy.In this site, you will find a list of best public policy books in India. You can buy these books online from the site and read them according to your choice.

Introduction to Public Policy in India

Public policy is the general term for government decisions and actions that have a public impact. In India, public policy is broadly influenced by International law as well as the principles of democracy and social justice.

Public policies are created to address specific problems in society. They are made in response to a particular need or issue that has been identified in a community or population.

The goal of public policies is to provide solutions that will create an improvement in the current situation by affecting the future state of affairs, either at a larger scale or for many individuals.

Some examples of common issues tackled by public policies include: safety, equality, environmental protection, promotion of healthy lifestyles and reduction of poverty.


Book - 1

Public Policy, Concept, Theory and Practice

The book offers a balanced mix of practical and theoretical aspects of public policy by tracing its evolution in the Indian context and helping to strengthen conceptual articulation.
The development of public policy as a subject of academic study and as a field of practice depends a lot on the prevalent socio-economic and political milieu. Public Policy: Concept, Theory and Practice highlight the critical aspects of public policymaking and its implementation by contextualizing it in the Indian historical and modern-day perspective.
Filling the existing content gap due to the non-availability of comprehensive textbooks on the subject, this book makes the ideas and concepts easily intelligible for everybody. Students pursuing graduate and postgraduate courses in Political Science, Public Administration and civil services and UGC NET aspirants will find this book immensely useful.

Key Features
• Draws largely on instances from Indian experiences
• Relates to and takes cue from contributions of well-established authors in the field
• Raises questions to aid and inspire further research in this area
• Dedicated sections on environmental policies and education and health policies discussed, devised and implemented in India.