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'Must-haves' for Government Projects.

After working with various governments in India and in Africa, I realsied one important thing to sail through Government Projects.

That is ' Continous Monitoring and Evaluation of outcomes'.


Unless you take care of documentation of the required outcome, unless you have a concrete monitoring system in place, you are not going to succeed.

Following are the tips for successful implementation.

1) When you plan your project implementation, have a mechanism of visibility of outcome to all the layers of administration. This can save in the long run.

2) Plan and push the review meetings with the decision-maker and document the meeting outcomes. If you postpone, you will end up in big trouble in the end especially during the payment.

3) MOU and Service Level Agreement should be your bible. From time to time you need to review the SLAs.

4) If the decision-maker changes, make sure that you sit with the new person and explain to him the project deliverable s

and the status of the project. Fire fighting at the end of the show will be painful.

5) Document, Document, and Document. Because Government runs on documents and circulars.