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Karnataka Engineering and Development Policy (2021-26)

It is really great to see that the Govt of Karnataka is stepping ahead in shaping the future of Karnataka in the field of ER and D.

Thanks to the combined efforts of 'Department of IT&BT and NASSCOM for carving out a brilliant Public Policy.

The aim of this policy is not only to attract a higher number of leading ER&D Multinational Companies (MNCs), Global Capability Centers (GCCs) and Engineering Service Providers (ESPs) to the State but also to provide them with a robust and well-connected ecosystem, including easy access to a skilled talent base.

The gist is as follows.

1) Policy incentivize the companies to set up R&D centers beyond Bangalore.

2) A separate ER&D Fund.

3) R&D Infrastructure program.

4) Open Innovation Labs

5) Digital Innovation for Government Service challenges.

Startups to conduct trials or pilot programs with State Government Departments.

6) Applied Research in Academia Program to support the industrial application of Academic Research.

7) Develop Engineering R&D Future Skills Courses and Promote Adaptation of these courses in Engineering Colleges.

8) Chief Minister (CM) Research Fellowship Program (80 K per month as research fellowship).