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Education Policy in India

The other side of 'ICT in Education Projects'

COVID has pushed our children to learn online. Now, schools are slowly restarting.

Being a parent, I am happy to see that the children can go back to school. I always believed that Education is not 'Service Delivery'.

After working in the ' Technology in Learning' sector for the last ten years, I realized that 'Technology in Education' is required as an enabler in the system. Learning is more of human interaction and the entire ecosystem plays a major role and ICT is one of the factors.

If we really see 'ICT in Education' Project frameworks, I strongly feel, we forget a crucial aspect of the ecosystem that is 'Teacher empowerment'.

Every state has one or the other projects in 'ICT in Education' which is definitely required.

For successful outcomes, teachers have to be involved during the planning and implementation. The need is to empower them to use the technology in teaching.

Following assumptions in 'ICT in Education' or EdTech are proved wrong by many researchers.

1) An EdTech product can be easily navigated and used by the students and teacher involvement is not required.

2) Online teacher and video can replace the teacher in the classroom.

3) Great animated content can give great learning outcomes.