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Education System in India

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

We need a multidisciplinary Education System in India.

When I work with degree students in India, I always ask them what is that they want to do and what is employment they want to take up?

99% of them want to go for a Government job.


Because Government job is secured.

Government job is for a lifetime.

No OKRs and No performance indicators.

A lot of respect from the public ( really?)

And........( you guess)

The real answer is that a vast majority of them are not employable.


Because our Educational Institutions are teaching knowledge not the skills relevant to the market.


Because faculty in the majority of the Institutions never worked in the Industry.


Because many of the Educational Institutions can not afford experienced candidates and it is not mandatory.


Our students learn ' how to swim?' not by a 'Swimmer' and you can predict the result.