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Content Regulation Policy on OTT Platforms in India

Two days before, 21 MPs raised their voice against the content depicting 'disrespect to religious sentiments' on OTT platforms.

I feel, in this context, this furor is about Saif Ali Khan's Tandav.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is going to come up with a regulatory policy very soon.

This is much needed at this point in time in the context of 40 OTT platforms trying to catch the eyeballs.

We all know that sex, violence, and exaggeration sells, and recent super hit series in Hindi on Netflix and Amazon prime have full of sex and violence.

But the question in the era of the internet, how the government is going to regulate?

It is really interesting to see how the Government will define the standards for content ( appropriate and not appropriate) and how it will monitor the streaming of content.

This is a challenging scenario for Public Policymakers.