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Best Book on Education Policy (ICT Initiatives in Education)

The book every Education Policymaker must-read.

Whenever I used to visit the remote government schools or colleges (during implementing a technology project), I used to see the un-opened Computer boxes or 'Content with a Projector'.

The reasons for not using the ICT initiatives were genuine. They were like,

* We do not know how to use it.

* We do not have an electricity connection.

* No software was loaded.

* We do not know how to install.

* The coordinator was not paid for 6 months and he left.

* Our

is an Oriya medium school.

* We do not have safety.

* We do not have an internet connection.

* Our students do not like it or use it.

I am not criticizing the initiatives or against the ICT initiatives. But I always felt bad about 'lack of planning and concurrent monitoring system'.

The best book our Policymakers in the Education system can read is 'Oversold and Underused' by Larry Cuban.

Larry Cuban is a professor emeritus at Stanford University and former president of the American Educational Research Association.

This book can give great insights into how Education Policies can be implemented on the ground.