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Are we teaching the right life skills to our children?

I wish I knew these things during my college days

I had attended an interview during the year 2000 and this was for a sales job in a Chemical Company.

I still remember the sweaty hands, fear in my belly, and my inability to speak communicative English.

I had no idea, what the company does, I had no idea about the job details and I had no idea about the salary expectation.

I failed miserably and I was out of the interview hall in three minutes. I struggled hard to express myself.

I was not prepared. I just went to the interview without any prior information.

My college could have helped me because I was a 21 years old man coming from a rural farming background.

After 20 years, I am interviewing the freshers for the tech roles. Things have changed to some extent.

Despite having a good resume, despite learning the required tech skills, freshers struggle to express themselves. Despite having google, students neglect the basic idea of preparation for an interview.

I am so sorry to say that students from Government degree colleges struggle more.

Teaching to prepare for the interviews is as important as teaching about the 'Panipath' war. ( I am not against teaching History, this is just an example).

What do you think?