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A deeper look into Skill Development Policy of India

'The devil lies in the implementation

Karnataka Evaluation Authority (KEA) evaluated DDUGKY (Deen Dayal Grameen Kaushalya Yojana) a central government for the year 2014-19. The DDUGKY policy is a demand-driven and placement-based skill development scheme.

KEA found that the average placement percentage is 36% and the average salary is 8100.00 per month which is lesser than minimum labor for unskilled people in urban areas.

Whooping 56% of the trained youth are still unemployed.

The policy framework is good, the scheme supports the youth with food and accommodation and training is a long-term one.

Then where is the issue?

The devil lies in implementation.

Poor project implementation, Poor counseling, selection of courses that have no demand, and poor training results in such results.

From the student's side, if we see, they do not find these jobs attractive and re-location is a major challenge.

In fact, the majority of them want Government jobs.

From an industry perspective, we do struggle hard to get the skilled talent in skills like MERN, Cybersecurity, etc.

From Government's perspective, they are achieving the numbers and skilling the youth.

The need is close interaction among the stakeholders.